Download Progressive Cactus whole genome alignments

Added by Richard Challis on November 30th 2015

Lepbase whole genome alignments are produced using the Progressive Cactus multiple genome aligner .

Two alignments are available for download as MAF files:

  • A four moth alignment using Bombyx mori as reference and based on the tree ((Chilo_suppressalis_CsuOGS1:1,Plodia_interpunctella_v1:1)Anc1:1,(Bombyx_mori_v1:1,Manduca_sexta_Msex_1:1)Anc2:1)Anc0;
  • A six butterfly alignment using Heliconius melpomene as reference and based on the tree(Papilio_glaucus_v1x1:1,(Lerema_accius_v1x1:1,(Danaus_plexippus_v3:1,(Bicyclus_anynana_v1:1,(Melitaea_cinxia_v1:1,Heliconius_melpomene_v2:1)Anc4:1)Anc3:1)Anc2:1)Anc1:1)Anc0;

The original (reference-free) HAL formal alignments, or MAF files with alternate reference taxa can be made available on request.