Lepbase manuscript on bioRxiv

Added by Richard Challis on June 9th 2016

Our first Lepbase manuscript , describing our resource for studying moth and butterfly genomes is now on bioRxiv.


As the generation and use of genomic datasets is becoming increasingly common in all areas of biology, the need for resources to collate, analyse and present data from independent (Tier 1) species-level genome projects into well supported clade-oriented (Tier 2) databases and provide a mechanism for these data to be propagated to pan-taxonomic (Tier 3) databases is becoming more pressing. Lepbase is a Tier 2 genomic resource for the Lepidoptera, supporting a research community using genomic approaches to understand evolution, speciation, olfaction, behaviour and pesticide resistance in a wide range of target species. Lepbase offers a core set of tools to make genomic data widely accessible including an Ensembl genome browser, text and sequence homology searches and bulk downloads of consistently presented and formatted datasets. As a part of the taxonomic community that we serve, we are working directly with Lepidoptera researchers to prioritise analyses and add tools that will be of most value to current research questions.