Source code

Added by Richard Challis on December 16th 2015

The source code for all our projects is available on Atlassian_Bitbucket_Logo or GitHub

Our Ensembl plugin for is available at

Our Ensembl mirror setup scripts are available at

Our Ensembl data import pipeline (which includes search indexing) is available at

We have written a generic GFF, which we use in our import pipeline to accommodate, validate and correct the diversity of GFF formats used in Lepidopteran genome projects

Our SequenceServer fork with changes to allow hierarchical taxon display and closer integration with our Ensembl instance is available at

Our assembly statistic visualisations are based on our javascript project

We have written an API training use in training workshops, which we intend to make more widely applicable as an introduction to the Lepbase API

Our WordPress theme for this site is available at


Lepbase uses many other open source bioinformatics projects, including:

The EBI‘s Ensembl genome browser powers is powered by the Wurm Lab‘s SequenceServer 

Community annotations at are made possible by Web Apollo