Lepbase problem being fixed

Added by Sujai Kumar on January 5th 2016

Dear Lepbase users

We have had a problem with the Lepbase servers over the winter break but are fixing it right now. Our virtual machines that run the main ensembl production server and blast server did not restart automatically after a scheduled power outage (although the test and development servers restarted without any problem).

We think we have identified the problem (the machines that did not restart are the ones that auto-updated to the latest linux kernel which is not booting for some reason) and should have a fix very soon.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. If the booting problem is not solved by the end of today, we will restore the machines manually which will take a couple of days at most.

Sujai and Richard

Update: The problem has now been fixed. Turns out that linux likes to auto-update kernels but they don’t always boot correctly when the machine is restarted (missing initramfs files). We deleted the problem files and have strategies in place for preventing this from happening in future, but the good news is that ensembl.lepbase.org and the blast server are live now.