Ensembl: Choosing assemblies

Added by Richard Challis on July 28th 2016

Assembly listings 

All available assemblies are listed on the ensembl.lepbase.org homepage.

Default assembly

To browse the default assembly for a species, click on the species name or image.

Alternate assemblies

For some species, alternate assemblies are available. These can be selected by clicking one of the assembly names directly below the species name.

Extra assemblies

We also host a number of assemblies without gene models.  While the genome browser is of limited utility for these species, assembly data and additional information on the assembly pages can be accessed by clicking on the links.

Assembly pages

Each assembly has a homepage containing information and plots relating to the assembly and predicted genes.

Start browsing

To begin browsing the genome, use one of the suggested search terms or enter a term in the search box (see Text Search tutorial).