BLAST: Homology search

Added by Richard Challis on July 29th 2016


The Lepbase BLAST server uses the SequenceServer BLAST interface.

Query sequence

To begin, enter a query sequence in the large box at the top of the page. The sequence type will be detected automatically.

Advanced parameters

BLAST parameters can be adjusted by entering command line parameters in the box below the sequence entry.

BLAST databases

Sequences for each assembly are separated into nucleotide (scaffold and CDS) and protein databases.

BLAST databases

To find a specific database, either click through the hierarchy or start typing the name of an assembly you wish to select.  Matching results will be automatically expanded and highlighted.

BLAST databases

Select one or more blast databases to search.

Running BLAST

The appropriate BLAST program will be selected automatically based on your query sequence and the type of database(s) selected.  Click the button to run a BLAST search. 

Results summary

Once the BLAST search is complete, a summary of the top hits is displayed.

Results summary 

Click a link to go to the detailed view for that result.


The alignment and scores for each result are displayed in detail.


For each result, links are provided to view the target sequence, download in FASTA format or view the sequence in it's genomic context in the Lepbase Ensembl genome browser.